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The BRSSC supports responsible breeding practices to produce high-quality Shelties to preserve and protect the breed, however across the county, new laws are being proposed and enacted that would harm those who are doing their best to produce quality dogs and work with them as part of a responsible breeding program.

Some of these new laws will affect rescues and even the average pet owner in some states.

There are good laws and bad laws, so please take the time to educate yourself regarding the laws in your location and learn the agenda of the self-serving people who have ALL breeders and "dog people" in their cross hairs.

There are two different types of motivation behind the new legislation, one may have good intentions and one may be self-serving. They are:

  • Well intentioned people and law makers concerned with the abuse and neglect of animals created by the bad, negligent breeders that we all agree should be punished for their crimes; and

  • Animal groups with the intention of exploiting a few bad breeders to attack the entire industry for their own recognition and for the purpose of raising funds for their organization. The programs that seek their own interests, rather than that of the animal, are usually the same people that use that money for things other than the purpose the donors intended and often lead to large amounts of waste, or used for salaries, marketing, gifts and more.

Even though group one may have good intentions to stop abuse and neglect, over-reach and bad legislation for the entire industry, including the good breeders is not an excuse nor is it helpful in solving the problem and may even be counter productive as a waste of money and resources.

For more legislative information you can visit the following Websites:  


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