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Books by Our Members

The BRSSC includes Published Authors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Sheltie, dog and puppy community as-well-as entertaining and engaging stories for children.

We proudly present the following Books from our Member Authors. Ordering information for our Member's Books, is hosted elsewhere and pricing information may be outdated. Please contact the authors if you have any questions..

"The Sheltie Guide"
By: Jean Daniels Simmonds

''The Sheltie Guide'' | by Jean Daniels Simmonds

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Beautifully illustrated by AKC Judge and Member Jean Simmonds this book shows the Sheltie Standard in picture and chart.

This book shows the "rights and wrongs" in the breed to help anyone interested in learning what determines if a Sheltie conforms to the American Kennel Club Standard. This is a must have for anyone interested in understanding the form behind the function.

"Jenny's Own Puppy"
By: Martha Barnes

''Jenny's Own Puppy'' | By: Martha Barnes

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Follow Jenny and her family as they pick out their perfect breed. Will they choose the friendly Beagle? The intelligent Border Collie? And what in the world is a Puli? Provides good suggestions for anyone considering buying their own special puppy.

Follow young Jenny as she and her family choose their perfect breed (children's book) and the sequel "Trevor Becomes a Good Citizen."

"Trevor Becomes A Good Citizen"
By: Martha Barnes

''Trevor Becomes A Good Citizen'' | By: Martha Barnes

How to Order

Check out this great book about how a family trains their new puppy become a great citizen!

Jenny loves her new Sheltie puppy, Trevor. Her family had taken the time to choose just the right breed. Jenny chose just the right puppy. Now it was time for just the right training. Join Jenny and her family as they help Trevor become a great citizen.

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